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Concreting Consulting

you can consult us to determine the concrete you need.


We do concreting in your projects with the highest possible quality

Precast concrete parts

You can order the precast concrete blocks you need from Sadat Beton Gharb.

Sadat Beton Gharb

Sadat Beton Gharb manufacturer, using the latest concrete production equipment, provides a very high volume of concrete required in the west of Tehran.

Concrete produced in Sadat Beton Gharb is tested in the laboratory unit of this plant, which is one of the best and most concrete laboratory units in Iran. Concret is examined in terms of quality.

is a perishable product and due to the special urban fabric of the west of Tehran that not every car can conveniently enter, Sadat Beton Gharb’s advanced and modern transportation system by means of  mixer trucks  have resolved the problem .

Sadat Beton is one of the companies present in breaking the Guinness record in the Iran Mall project.

Sadat Beton Complex consists of two factories. The first factory is located in the west of Tehran. The second factory is in a special area in ​​Karaj that can provide ready-mixed concrete to Karaj, Andisheh, Shahriyar,  Fardis and Mallard.

Sadat Beton Gharb uses the most advanced concrete pumping equipment and a professional concrete transportation system. This complex has two mast pumps of 51 meters and 43 meters, which are considered the tallest concrete pumps in Tehran.

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